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Heirloom Portrait, Still Life, and Landscape oil paintings

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Pricing is based on the number of compositional elements, from a single person, featuring "Head and Shoulders", to multiple full body figures in custom environments. Pricing for animals and/or people interacting with their pets are also available. Prices start as low as $150.00 for a 8" x 10" (Oil on Masonite) to $4,000.00 for a 30" x 40" (Oil on Masonite).
 Payment Process
A deposite of 10% of the total price is required to reserve your place on the painting schedule. 25% of the total price is required at the photo shoot. Four electronic up-dates of the painting during the process will be provided prior to the completion of the painting. A pro-rated payment schedule will be agreed upon for the final payments. However, full payment is required prior to reciept of the finished painting. 
After discussions and an agreement regarding the portrait's size, background, and any other elements to be included in the portrait, a photo shoot will be scheduled. Photographing the subject or subjects in a variety of outfits, settings, and poses may take one to three hours. After processing the photos, a digital presentation will be presented to select the portrait elements to be included within the painting. After this selection, the painting of the portrait will begin.  
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Contact Information
Keith Blanton
8644 Cressmoor Ct.
 Indianapolis, Indiana 46234
(317) 993-9530  Cell 

Shipping and Handling - extra
Travel expenses to and from a client over 100 miles will be an additional charge.  
For internet print sales: final payment is required prior to shipment of the finished painting.